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Consider Remodelling, Extending or Renovating Your Home

With the holidays fast approaching, now is a good time to consider your home and what it is that
you want from it. It’s Christmas and time to celebrate. The relatives will be dropping by, and then
there is Christmas dinner – when everyone sits down to a delicious meal.

But your house was built over 60 years ago. It’s typical of its time. Externally it’s very attractive;
Bricks and tile, Californian bungalow style or Federation. But let’s be honest – the 1970’s kitchen
renovation is very tired and – well – you can’t swing a cat in there! The bathroom has seen much
better days and when we all gather in the living room and dining room it’s quite simply – cramped! The kids are entering their teenage years and starting High School. What can you do?

It’s time to talk to Blint Design and Construction. Firstly make an appointment to sit down
with a Blint Designer and consider the possibilities. It could be a second story extension, an addition at the rear, a restructuring that opens and expands existing living areas or it could be all of these options, perhaps even a complete rebuild. Alternatively, for empty nesters it might be time to reconsider your asset (your home) and develop a dual occupancy package on your block. In doing so you could end up with twice your existing space and a wonderful new luxuriously appointed house.

The choice is yours. Blint will create and develop a design that suits your needs, your style and your taste. It will protect the look and feel, the integrity of your existing property as you desire. It will
facilitate a professional building and construction phase where all permits and mandatories are
completed on your behalf. The Blint team will create your space – With over 40 years’ experience in Bayside Melbourne, no one does it better. Call Blint now on 03 9576 8686 – You’ll be glad you did.

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Blint Photographic Gallery of Recent Home Renovations

We have just updated the Blint Design + Construction website galleries with some new photographs and material.

There are some great homes with superb renovations, featured dual occupancy units and truly magnificent living areas. There is real space to move in with light filled rooms and great outlooks and vistas through floor to ceiling glass.

As new projects are completed the Blint team will upload new photographs that demonstrate the variety, space and luxury appointments made possible through Blint’s design and construction divisions.

The extensions and renovations page gallery shows a variety of styles and finishes. There is something there for everyone, something that will please the most discerning of homeowners.

Take a look at the Townhouses and Units gallery. A number of new projects demonstrate the diversity and quality finish of a Blint built home. Blint units and townhouses offer real space. Open and airy with great access to exterior entertainment areas, the Blint design is for modern living.

The Blint team continue to demonstrate that there is no substitute for building and design experience. Blint know Bayside Melbourne and will strive to achieve the very best possible result. A Blint designed and constructed unit or townhouse is simply an outstanding investment. Check out the website and judge for yourself – you’ll be glad you did.

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Bayside Building Project by Blint Design + Construction

The Landcox Ave project in East Brighton is powering ahead.  Building Supervisor Guy Douglas has had all building permits and documentation submitted to Council and its relevant departments.  Approvals have been obtained and the Blint construction team are now preparing to pour the concrete slab.

All plumbing and electricals have been placed, inspected and approved.  With the slab poured, the team will move to the next stage with carpenters and bricklayers moving onto site to commence their phase of construction.  Soon we will be able to show you the finished slab and follow the construction phase with images to demonstrate just how smooth and easy it is to build your new units to plan.

We delight in creating exquisite homes and spacious family friendly living, to talk to one of our Designers about transforming your home, call 03 9576 8686 or email

To see examples of our renovations and extensions go to

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Celebrating 40 Years Building and Renovating Homes

The Blint 40 year anniversary celebration was held at the Beach Hotel, Albert Part last Saturday (Dec 1st).  Commencing at 7pm the evening commenced with cocktails, finger foods and drinks.

Mr Michael Luu, the State Manager of the HIA spoke to the gathering, congratulating the Blint group on its long running success and of the current challenges facing the building and construction industry.

Mr Ron Blint then spoke of the journey, of bringing the business from humble beginnings to the well structured enterprise it is today.  Originally a small building business specialising in property maintenance, Ron explained how the business expanded and grew, crediting many people along the way with contributing to today’s successful business model.

All in all it was a most enjoyable and successful evening with all guests leaving with celebratory cupcakes and chocolate bonbonnieres.

For more information about Blint Design + Construction and to see examples of their renovations and extensions go to

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Home Renovating and Remodelling

What type of home are you looking for? One that your growing family can ‘fit’ into, where you can enjoy the lifestyle you want? A home where your student children can comfortably develop and complete their education? A home where you can entertain and be entertained? A home you can be proud of?

It’s time to consider renovating and remodelling. Your current home is located in the area you love, your children are attending excellent schools, there are great sport clubs and exciting shopping centres. No need to move, rather take your current home – redesign it – expand it – and create your space.

Blint Design + Construction are Bayside Melbourne’s leading exponents of extending, renovating and modernising existing homes in the area into liveable open plan contemporary housing.

Blint can provide the design and construction package most suitable for your needs. Whether it’s a second story extension or add-on extension, a full rebuild or a dual occupancy development, Blint have the solution. Stylish modern living with space to spare. Choose Blint Design + Construction – you’ll be glad you did. Call 03 9576 8686 for a free consultation with one of our Designers to discuss how to expand your home or email