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How to get an accurate quote from a builder

Asking a builder to give you a quote for a future project can be as simple as that or it can be the most frustrating exercise of all. It really depends on who you ask and what information you give. Here are a few simple tips.

  • Seek out licenced builders that have been recommended.
  • Do your homework and know what it is that you want and have a budget in mind.
  • Dedicate time to them when they arrive and have all decision makers present.
  • If getting more than one quote give the same information to each builder.
  • Do not give half of the information. Wait until you have a complete package to hand over.
  • Ask for a mutually agreed  appointment in the future when the quote will be delivered or sent.
  • Give an accurate estimate of your preferred start date.
  • Avoid drip feeding the builder with extra information. It is better to wait for the quote and have extra requirements added after.
  • Quoting takes time so acknowledge the quote weather you accept it or not.
  • Whoever you select, make sure that the works are well documented. There is no such thing as a silly question.


Ron Blint