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State of The Art House Design and Construction at Beaumaris

With only six weeks to go to complete the construction of these townhouses at Olinda Avenue, Beaumaris, the owner is very excited.  Builders Blint Design + Construction are at fixing stage now with joinery going in and tiling begun.

olinda av beaumaris  These outstanding buildings have been designed to the owner’s requirements and specifications and the owner will be living in one townhouse, whilst selling the other.  The internal fit-out is the result of state of the art building design from Blint’s house design team , showing much creativity and imagination whilst the realisation of the House Designers’ vision has been brought to life by Blint’s experienced construction team.

Both townhouses enjoy enormous spaciousness with plenty of light pouring into the internal spaces , making them perfect homes for entertainment.  The Designers worked closely with the owner to bring the original vision to fruition and ensure all the owner’s needs were met.

Blint Design + Construction began with an initial meeting with their client to find out what he was looking for, what his vision was for the new townhouses and any particular specifications he wanted.  The House Designers then went to work to create an imaginative and cutting edge design, based on the client’s input and requirements.  Once the client had signed off on the design, after further consultation with the Blint House Designer, Blint Design + Construction took care of all lodgements of plans and followed through with the approval process.  Once building permits were granted a Construction Supervisor contacted the owner and liaised with him throughout the construction phase.  Two beautifully designed and built townhouses and one very happy owner is about to be realised.  Call (03) 9576 8686 to speak to a House Designer about your new townhouse, apartment or house.

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Artistic Design for Renovations, Extensions or a New Home

photo_withPat (2)Meet Pat Marinelli, one of Blint Design + Construction’s valued Designers. Pat has been creating outstanding house designs for Blint and their Melbourne Bayside clients since 2003. A true artist, Pat looks at design from an artistic perspective and, as a result, all his designs have a flow and balance to them that are pleasing to the eye and a delight to inhabit. His Italian culture influences his approach to design, bringing the best of a long tradition in excellence and artistry in building design.

Pat is approachable, polite and has a calm nature which makes him the perfect person to discuss your family’s needs over a coffee. You are sure to be delighted and impressed at the lovely home renovation design ideas Pat comes up with that will not only update and modernise your home but make it more liveable and family friendly.

With past experience in the Real Estate business, Pat has a unique perception on what  elements within your renovation, extension or new home design will add value to your home.  The resale value of your home matters when it comes time to sell. Pat has vast building experience which means he designs buildings that can be built efficiently and are also aesthetically pleasing.

Pat is a reliable, extremely experienced and trustworthy house designer,  he pays close attention to detail and our customers love him.  He is a valued member of the Blint team.  Call Blint Design + Construction on (03) 9576 8686 and make a time to discuss with Pat your family’s needs, whether it be a house extension to make more space for a growing family, the addition of a self-contained area for an elderly relative or dual occupancy to provide extra income, Pat will design a plan for you that will be innovative, unique and truly yours.

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Bayside Building Project by Blint Design + Construction

The Landcox Ave project in East Brighton is powering ahead.  Building Supervisor Guy Douglas has had all building permits and documentation submitted to Council and its relevant departments.  Approvals have been obtained and the Blint construction team are now preparing to pour the concrete slab.

All plumbing and electricals have been placed, inspected and approved.  With the slab poured, the team will move to the next stage with carpenters and bricklayers moving onto site to commence their phase of construction.  Soon we will be able to show you the finished slab and follow the construction phase with images to demonstrate just how smooth and easy it is to build your new units to plan.

We delight in creating exquisite homes and spacious family friendly living, to talk to one of our Designers about transforming your home, call 03 9576 8686 or email

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